My name is Ryan Brown but, if you see me on trail, call me Kodak. I am currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (July 10, 2017 ---> December??). I bikepacked the Baja Divide (Jan-March 2017). I hiked the Appalachian Trail (March 9, 2016 - October 22, 2016). I cycled from Canada to El Salvador (July 2014- May 2015). And I pedaled Pittsburgh to Maine (August - October 2012). It all began with a one-week tour on the Great Allegheny Passage in 2012.   

Adventure arose out of a need to overcome fear. I suffered from debilitating social anxiety in my early teens and twenties. I self-medicated by abusing alcohol. I nearly took my own life. Then, I decided to change. I dedicated EVERYTHING to improving my condition. I started small; simple things like calling random numbers in the phone book. Well, the process snowballed and turned into these "spirit quests," if you'll accept such a term. Eventually, I faced ultimate fear following narco traffickers through a cornfield at sunset in Mexico certain they were going to kill me. My dad's worst fears come true. What I am saying is that anxiety feels out of place after situations that put life in perspective. People at parties don't seem so frightening after stuff like this.

Everyone asks why I travel. I travel to be changed; to learn and to grow.

Happy Trails!!!


Email: RyanBmtb@gmail.com

IG: RyanKodakBrown