Train Night #3

Wednesdy July 5th, 2017


It is midnight on a train barreling through the mountains of western Montana. We’ll cross into Idaho soon then into Washington where the train splits in Spokane. The half behind me goes to Portland. We go to Seattle.

The last time I was on this train, 2014, my stuff was in the viewing car behind me; the part of the car going to Portland. My bike (the one I was planning to ride to Panama) was in this half of the train heading to Seattle. Me? I was in Havre, Montana stranded after being left behind by the train. Luckily, it all worked out. I crashed on someones couch then took a train the next day to the house in Portland of the people who rescued my gear.

So far, this trip is going much smoother. I am still on the same train that I began on. I possess all my belongings. It’s been almsot boring which is exactly what I wanted, days of nothingness to rest and recuperate before the long walk to Mexico. I worked and trained as hard as I could for this one. I’ve never worked so hard for anything.

I spent much of today dozing. I stretched my legs at train stops pacing the terminals. I made new friends including an Appalachian Train hiker from two years ago. I was entertained by an aging park ranger telling tales of Montana as we passed by. All-in-all, it was a chill day, but I am ready to be moving. It really hurts sitting for this long! It is good though. I need the rest.

Hanging out in the Amtrak Lounge watching the world pass


A parks service volunteer provides commentary about the Montana and it's history as we pass through the country side.

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