Tuesday July 4th, 2017

Train Night #2



This morning began on the floor of the “Sightseer Lounge” around 7am. I know from previous trips that the conductors allow us to sleep here, but not to sleep in. So, I wiggled free of my bright orange bivy sack and slipped into the seat above.

Two hours later, we pulled into Union Station. I had a layover until 2pm so I sent a text to a friend from the Appalachian Trail. “Hey! I am in Chicago! You around?!!” She was. Two busses later and I was talking trail and life with Flamingo. Flamingo was trail family for nearly two months from Massachusetts to Maine where she went home for a wedding. So good seeing friends from the trail!

I hopped another bus after our lunch and was back at Union Station just as the train began boarding. Being the fourth of July, the train is rather empty; a good tradeoff for not seeing our families on the holiday, yeah? Most of us have seats to ourselves which is great. I’ve been on full trains and they feel very cramped.

I dozed in my seat for a while then ate my steak and potato dinner with mushrooms and onions. I ate it right out of a ziplock with my long-handled spork. Talk about delicious!!! It was leftover from my going away dinner with mom. I watched the world pass at train speed until it was too dark to see. Then, I curled up on my seats with the leg rests extended. It makes for a decent mattress.





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