With a week to go, it’s time for my journal to go live. Photos to come!

Monday July 3rd, 2017

T-7 Days


It is the middle of the night on a train nearing Cleavland Ohio. I am laying on the floor of the viewing car in the space for your feet between the seats and windows. It’s cold so I dug my bivvy out of the backpack above my assigned seat at the back of the train. I screwed up in packing. I’m set for adventure in the mountains not this urban one. My sleeping bag, mattress, and clothes are buried at the bottom of the bag. I’ll dig them out tomorrow on layover in Chicago.

I boarded the train at midnight in Pittsburgh. My brother drove me to the station after dinner with my Mom. She sent me off with a ziplock full of steak, potato, onions, and mushrooms. A breakfast of champions! Right before dinner, I had drinks with an old friend at a bar down the street: Big Jim’s.

The rest of my day was the usual choas of last minute preparation. I borrowed a car in the morning to buy running shorts from REI. I did not have much time so I did not try them on. They do not fit and must be returned in Seattle. I went to another store to buy a larger size. They were a crazy color. I was told I could not wear them with my shirt as it does not match. They went back as this store was closer. Oh well. I buy one outfit a year so I blame it on lack of practice.

The rest of the day I packed. I lived the last three months out of a file cabinet. My clothes all fit in the top drawer. The bottom was my “junk drawer.” I never fully unpacked from Baja either so this was an easy task. I am also well practiced in the procedure.

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